A Message From The Executive Director

Headshot of Chris Kiser

Chris Kiser

Thanks to the generous support of thousands of donors, the Barton Health Foundation has raised more than $26 million since its inception in 1990 to support and enhance the overall health of our community. Along the way, the donations were used to fund hundreds of worthy projects, both big and small, as well as provide ongoing support for numerous hospital programs.

The Barton Health Foundation, a 501(c) (3) organization, receives its operating support from Barton Health. Partnering with Barton Health in a variety of ways, from purchasing leading-edge medical equipment, providing funding for various programs, engaging in capital projects, and most recently, reaching out to the community to address food insecurity during the pandemic and subsequent evacuation, the Foundation strives to provide the margin of excellence at Barton Health.

Because the Barton Health Foundation receives its operating support from Barton Health, 100% of every dollar raised goes directly to the area where the donor specifies. Honoring the intent of the donor is paramount to the mission of any non-profit organization. The Barton Health Foundation takes great pride in being a leader in creating community health programs, such as raising funds to battle food insecurity during the pandemic.

On behalf of the Barton Health Foundation, we are proud of the role we play in advancing local healthcare through philanthropy. We look forward to continuing our successful fundraising initiatives that have been part of the fabric of Barton Health over the last 60 years!