(Lake Tahoe, CA) – Continuing its mission of advancing local healthcare through philanthropy, the Barton Health Foundation has granted $73,000 to the Barton Infusion Center. The grant allows for the purchase of high-tech infusion chairs that promote safety and offer additional comfort for patients undergoing a variety of medical procedures.

Infusion therapy is the administration of medication through non-oral routes, such as by needle, catheter, intramuscular injections or by epidural, often used when an illness is serious or chronic. Diseases commonly treated by infusion therapy include: cancer, congestive heart failure, gastrointestinal diseases, immune deficiencies, arthritis, etc.

“This latest innovation in infusion care addresses clinical needs while delivering an environment that is welcoming for patients,” said Julie Clayton, RN and Chief Nursing Officer at Barton Health. “Comfortable and accessible medical seating is especially important during the treatment process, as patients receiving infusions may spend up to eight hours in one single session. We are grateful to be the recipient of these state-of-the-art chairs that offer immediate benefits for our patients.”

The TSK Adeen chairs feature easy height adjustment and wide, swing-away arms that promote smooth transfers, along with contoured seat design and 440 pound weight capacity that make infusion treatment and other procedures safer for nurses. For patients, comfort is prioritized with functions including heat, massage, push-button reclining, and the option to engage a foot rest for improved circulation and other positional benefits. Additionally, the chairs are equipped with USB ports for devices so patients can access entertainment with minimal movement or disruption to treatment.

“These infusion chairs allow providers at Barton Memorial Hospital to continue to deliver the high-quality healthcare they are known for, and ensure patients are met with an experience that is as relaxing and relieving as possible,” said Chris Kiser, Executive Director for the Barton Health Foundation. “The mission of the Barton Health Foundation remains to advance healthcare through philanthropy, and it is our hope, and the hope of our donors, that this advancement in technology makes a positive change in the lives of patients in our community.”

For 32 years, the Barton Health Foundation has been committed to improving the health of the Lake Tahoe region and to ensuring Barton Health has the tools and technology to provide the best healthcare possible. Since its inception in 1990, the Barton Foundation has raised more than $27 million to ensure that state-of-the-art medical care is available right here in our community.