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Together, we can make a difference. Your generosity helps support Barton Health in delivering safe, high-quality healthcare to community members and visitors. Here are some of the ways you can help support Barton Memorial Hospital.


Occasionally, patients and their families who receive exceptional care at Barton Health ask how they can say “Thank You” to the providers who made a difference.  The Barton Health Foundation’s Grateful Patient and Family program is a meaningful way to show your appreciation and recognize exceptional care.


The Spring 2023 issue of Barton Health Foundation’s Elevations magazine showcases the expansion plans to build a new hospital in Nevada, spotlights Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Orr and highlights the latest ways we’ve been making a difference in the community.

About the Barton Health Foundation

Thanks to the generous support of thousands of donors, the Barton Health Foundation has raised more than $26 million since its inception in 1990 to support and enhance the overall health of our community. Over the years, the donations were used to fund hundreds of worthy projects, both big and small, as well as provide ongoing support for numerous programs at Barton Health and in our community.

In conjunction with a wealth management company, the Foundation’s Investment committee provides oversight and investment strategies for the Foundation’s $11 million portfolio, including both restricted and unrestricted funds, as well as an endowment. Within its portfolio, the Foundation manages nine restricted funds that are used solely to provide funding for various hospital departments, such as Area of Greatest Need, Hospice, Oncology, Cardiology, Mental and Behavioral Health, the Emergency Department, Wellness, the Heart Safe Community program, and the Family Birthing Center. Donations from individuals and proceeds from special events, which are designated to the various departments, make the grants possible.

Because of how the Barton Health Foundation is structured, 100% of donations go directly to the area where the donor specifies. This allows the Foundation to honor the intent of the donor, which is paramount to the mission of a non-profit organization. A leader in creating community health programs such as the food insecurity Emergency Response Fund during the pandemic, as well as the Barton Health Foundation Community Grants Program, which supports local non-profit organizations engaged in healthcare related initiatives, the Foundation’s philanthropic mission positively impacts residents of Lake Tahoe.

Through philanthropy, the Barton Health Foundation has an overarching mission of funding life-changing and lifesaving programs at Barton Health. Because of the generosity of our donors, the Barton Health Foundation purchases leading-edge medical equipment and to provide programmatic support for numerous service lines at Barton Health.

The Barton Health Foundation – Advancing healthcare in our community through philanthropy.


Cover of the Winter 2022 Elevations magazine

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