Our society is currently in the midst of the largest generational transfer of wealth in history, yet over 60% of our citizens do not have a will. Estate planning is a crucial task that often gets pushed to the back burner in the commotion of everyday life. However, neglecting to create a comprehensive estate plan may lead to significant consequences for both you and your loved ones.

While many people recognize the importance of estate planning in terms of financial and legal matters, it’s equally important to consider the values that you wish to uphold and pass on to future generations. This is where a values-based estate planning service comes into play.

Values-based estate planning goes beyond the traditional focus on financial assets and legal documents. It integrates your personal values, beliefs, and goals into your estate plan. This approach ensures that your legacy reflects not only your material wealth but also the principles that are important to you.

One of the primary benefits of values-based estate planning is that it allows you to align your financial and philanthropic goals with your deeply held beliefs. Along with providing for loved ones, you may be motivated by charitable giving. A values-based approach ensures that your estate plan reflects these priorities.

Clearly articulating your values and intentions in your estate plan minimizes potential family conflicts and misunderstandings, and preserves family unity. Your estate plan is an opportunity to instill important lessons, traditions, and principles for future generations. For example, some may wish to incorporate ongoing support for charitable causes reflective of family values in their estate planning.

Additionally, values-based estate planning may offer significant tax benefits. Strategic planning allows you to minimize estate taxes and maximize the amount of wealth transferred to heirs and charitable causes.

Barton Health Foundation has partnered with Thompson & Associates, a nationally recognized values-based estate planning service, to assist you in crafting a personal estate plan that paints far more than your financial picture. This planning process is free and 100% confidential. There is no obligation. Thompson & Associates does not manage money, or provide legal or accounting services. No products are sold, nor will funds be solicited.

The Barton Health Foundation invites you to prioritize values-based estate planning this year, providing peace of mind for yourself and your loved ones. With an estate plan, your wishes will be honored, assets protected, and tax liabilities minimized. Start planning now, so you can leave a meaningful legacy that reflects your values and makes a positive impact on future generations.

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